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Test Benches
Driving Simulators

For the elaboration of methodical properties and interrelationships of the areas driver – vehicle – environment / traffic, it is fundamentally important to use simulation and measurement or parameterization methods. For this purpose, AMFD in cooperation with the Chair of Automotive Engineering of the TU Dresden has an access to:

    • A parameterization line for the development or investigation of vehicle effect chains as well as the parameterization of vehicle, system and component models, it is essential to be able to use appropriate measurement and parameterization methods.
    • Driving simulation for the development and conditioning of driver models, as well as the performance of driver studies.

    • Appropriate simulation environments in which the individual methods and models can be validated, developed and parameterized individually and in systemic interaction. This includes the virtualization of effective chains of vehicle physics up to perception and behavior simulation of drivers and road users in the context of traffic simulations.

The focus is on the systemic interaction of driver – vehicle – environment on the topics of objectification, as well as on the possibility of subjective evaluation in the virtual as well as in the real world.