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Driving Simulation / Subjective Evaluation


The automotive world is undergoing a sustained process of change, with a focus on the development of assistive and automated driving functions and virtual vehicle development. But with increasing virtualization and automation, the role of the driver is changing.

This brings another aspect into focus: humans and their interaction with the vehicle. In human-machine interaction, high technology meets human feelings and instinctive actions. In order for this human-machine interaction to be as efficient, cooperative, comfortable and unambiguous as possible in the future, humans must be understood and integrated into the development process at an early stage.

For this purpose, we have two driver-in-the-loop test rigs at our disposal for examining the driver’s handling of the vehicle: A static driving simulator and a highly immersive, dynamic driving simulator which goes far beyond the physical movement limits of previous simulators.

  • subjective Perception of driving dynamics/comfort
  • Driver Training
  • Driver Behavior
  • automated Driving
  • Driving Assistance Systems
  • HMI / UX Design
  • Driver Modeling
  • Motion Perception
  • medical / psychological Studies