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AMFD - Auto Mobil Forschung Dresden

The AMFD GmbH, an innovative development service provider for the automotive industry, was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the Chair of Automotive Engineering (LKT) at the Dresden University of Technology. Today, AMFD employs about 30 people and continues to work closely with the LKT as well as the networks of TU Dresden and TU Dresden AG (transfer company of TU Dresden).

The working areas and working groups of AMFD are characterized in their range of services especially by a close network to the TU Dresden and in particular to the Chair of Automotive Engineering. This enables AMFD to effectively offer solutions and services in the research and development environment. 

Already today AMFD is networked with well-known OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and service providers and is therefore closely integrated in today’s and planned future development models and, with regard to its services, highly recognized. The many years of experience in the field of vehicle development, as well as the availability of a seamless and networked development tool chain allows a very effective set-up in the field of model and method development and has already been able to implement this successfully several times. Due to the flat hierarchy structure and versatilely set up specialist groups, task-specific teams can be quickly formed and effectively deployed.

The deep understanding of the vehicle application enables AMFD to implement this in the design and layout of test bench systems – in addition to the possibility to support test bench manufacturers in conceptual design, implementation and optimization.
In addition, most of the company’s own test benches have been further developed beyond the commercially available performance spectrum in order to make them more accurate, more dynamic, modular, networked, etc.. This also allows AMFD to effectively illuminate and consider new aspects of current and upcoming vehicle technologies.