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AMFD’s measurement technology enables verification of the methods determined on the test benches as well as the associated simulation models, including all associated parameters in real driving tests. Here, it is crucial to achieve a good correlation of the real measurements to the results of the test bench. In addition to the selection of the measurement technology used, the know-how regarding its positioning in the vehicle is of decisive importance.

In addition to the test bench equipment, AMFD has supplementary and expanding metrology. Hereby two goals are pursued and covered:

  1.  Determination of real driving data in different driving scenarios for parameter verification / determination and R&D tasks in the fields of:
      • Vehicle Dynamics, Ride Comfort
      • Operational Stability, Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH)
      • active Driving Safety up to NCAP Topics

2. Model and parameter verification of test bench results / findings in real driving scenarios 

For this purpose, test drives can be carried out on available test sites, such as:

      • Driving Test in Open Loop and Closed Loop
      • Sationary Circular Drive (v=const. / R=const.)
      • single and double Lane Change (ISO 3888)
      • Steering Angle Jump, Weave Test
      • Sinussweep
      • J-Turn, Fishhook
      • Steering Pendulum, Response and Reset Behavior
      • etc.

can be performed.

The competence acquired over the years enables the implementation and evaluation:

      • application-specific Implementation of suitable Measurement Systems (e.g. to Determine: Heading, Roll and Pitch Angles / Rates, Position of the Vehicle, Float Angle, Accelerations in x-, y- and z-Direction, Velocities in x-, y- and z-Direction, Steering Angle and Steering Speed, etc.).

      • Execution and Evaluation of reproducible Driving Tests