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Driving Simulators

Highly Immersive & Static Driving Simulator

The equipment of Auto Mobil Forschung Dresden GmbH is used for the objectification of vehicle characteristics at the overall vehicle, system and component level. In addition to our own test benches, the test benches of the Chair of Automotive Engineering in the “Fahrzeugtechnisches Versuchszentrum” (Vehicle Test Centre) are available. This test landscape serves as a parameterization road for complete vehicle properties as well as the projection of these on system and component level. Integrated measurement and simulation tools are also used for this purpose.

A static driving simulator is already available for interaction with the driver/occupant, as well as for subjective evaluation of active driving safety and vehicle characteristics. In the near future, a free-running, highly immersive driving simulator will also be put into operation. For both fields, objectification of vehicle characteristics and subjective evaluation, a wide range of know-how, methods and simulation models are available.

Highly Immersive Dynamic Driving Simulator

With advancing automation in the automotive industry, the role of the driver is undergoing a lasting change. Here, it must be ensured that man and machine work together as efficiently, cooperatively and unambiguously as possible.

Since the human factor is crucial for these investigations and cannot be simulated to a sufficient extent, driving simulators represent an indispensable and decisive tool. In particular, driving maneuvers in safety-critical driving situations must be simulated in such a way that the driver feels realistically placed in a driving situation. Convincing immersion, i.e. realistic sensation of acceleration and changes in direction, can be provided by previous driving simulators only for a few maneuvers. In order to meet the requirements of future vehicle development, the TU Dresden is implementing the worldwide unique project “highly immersive driving simulator”. This driving simulator development enables for the first time a realistic perception of vehicle behavior.

(Simulator is still under construction and will be available Q1/24 as a development tool)


–        10 FHG (Hexapod, Yaw Joint, Motion Platform)

–        +/- 1g real Acceleration (via Motion Platform)

–        70m x 70m Motion Space (expandable if required)


–        Field of View: 225° x 40°

–        3 x 2560 x 1600 Pixel


–        5.1 Channel Audio System


–        Freely programmable Displays (Instrument Cluster, Navigation, ADAS, …)

–        Freely assignable Switch Configuration

–        Seat Shaker

–        Controllable Seat Belt Tensioner

–        Force-Feedback Pedals and Steering Wheel

–        Steering Wheel with Hands-on-Detection and freely controllable Light Ring

–        Contactless Head & Eye Tracking

Static Driving Simulator

The static driving simulator serves as a development and setup tool for subject studies on the dynamic driving simulator. Thus, valuable information can be prospectively gained in the development, application and implementation of simulator studies. The domains of visualization, acoustics and haptics are addressed. Only proprioception cannot be integrated and investigated due to the lack of motion actuation.

The intended high use of common parts (software & partly hardware) shall guarantee a transferability of the whole study contents and their preparation in the future announced parallel operation of the driving simulators. Through this frontloading process a reduction of financial and time resources for driving simulator projects can be achieved later on. For study contents in which proprioception plays a subordinate role, the static driving simulator can also be used as a “stand-alone” solution.


–        Field of View: 170° x 50°

–        3 x 25600 x 1600 Pixel


–        4 Channel Audio System


–      Freely programmable Displays (Instrument Cluster, Navigation, ADAS, …)

–       Freely assignable Switch Configuration

–        Force-Feedback Pedals and Steering Wheel

–        Contacless Head & Eye Tracking