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Suspenion Motion Simulator – K&C Test Bench

The Suspension Motion Simulator at TU Dresden is a very valuable test bench for analysing and optimising various vehicle properties in the vehicle development process. It enables kinematics and compliance to be analysed both statically and dynamically. Parameters for simulation models can be determined and validated, which leads to the development and parameterisation of vehicle models with different levels of detail and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications from driving dynamics, driving comfort and energy efficiency to the development and validation of driver assistance functions. The Suspension Motion Simulator also plays an important role, for example, in determining replacement spring stiffness or analysing friction in the chassis or the vehicle as a whole. The metrological determination of forces, torques and other physical variables enables the analysis of vibration and transmission behaviour up to 30 Hz. Altogether, the Suspension Motion Simulator is an indispensable tool for the development, optimisation and validation of overall vehicle properties.

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